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Thomas Fenton is from Rochester New York – the birthplace of film. He started his film career as a grip and best boy working on various productions. After a c-stand nearly took his head off, he started writing.

Fenton's first assignment in Hollywood was a rewrite on Stephen Seagal’s Belly of the Beast.

He then wrote a graphic novel series called Dominion, about Earthbound Angel Warfare - the trade paperback is available on Amazon. It’s very cool. You should check it out.

His next effort was a creepy thriller called Prodigal Son, which was set up at Twisted Pictures and Beacon. Although never made it placed him the sights of other projects.

Fenton worked on an early incarnation of Max Payne with the film's producer.

Fenton’s affiliation with Twisted Pictures lead to his involvement with the wildly successful horror franchise SAW, where he was credited on Saw IV but also worked on other films in the franchise.

Fenton followed that up by doing polish draft of Chain Letter – it’s a shame they didn’t use more of his draft. Remember the Brad Dourif scene about privacy? That was his...

Next came Plantation - the true story of the Myrtles Plantation, known as America's most haunted house. Fenton stayed at the Myrtles Plantation for three days to do research, spending the nights holding a crucifix and assuring any ghosts in the room that he was on their side.

Soon after that, he worked on ideas for Circle of Confusion’s Zombies vs Robots. It’s the only job Fenton took because of the title alone.

Later, he joined up with Cinetel films to write I Spit On Your Grave 2. He took the gig on behalf of his agent, Sheryl who claimed the original film (76) was “bad ass” and that he needed to do a bad ass film.

Just recently, Fenton worked on Slay Per View with 451 Media, with Micheal Bay and Eli Roth.

Fenton wrote The Scream Writer's Handbook in 2018, but you knew that already.

At present, he's remaking a really cool horror film from the 80s but he can't tell the title.

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