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Working Screenwriter


This virtual screenwriting course is taught by full-time working Hollywood

screenwriter, Thomas Fenton.


Working Screenwriter 101 serves as an

introduction to professional screenwriting as well as an intermediate honing of

skills screenwriting course.

Over the course of 4 weeks, you’ll learn the reality of being a working screenwriter and the nuances of the screenwriting business.

Space is limited to 10 writers per course.


"Tom Fenton inspires writers to find their own unique voice and to trust that they have something invaluable to offer audiences. Having invited him to speak to graduate students in our MFA in Dramatic Writing program, I can attest that he entertains a crowd while delivering key craft and visual storytelling techniques. I also recommend Tom’s book to every horror writer I know."

Cristina Pippa

Graduate Program Director

MFA in Dramatic Writing

Missouri State

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